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Comfortable Recovery

Our Story

CoolCollars started off with a vet nurse looking for a more comfortable solution for cats who needed to wear head collars due to illness or surgery. In 2012, her creative father came up with the prototype for CoolCollars. Since then, our business has grown from a couple of clinics in Christchurch, to many clinics all over New Zealand, and online vet/pet stores too.

We live in Lyttelton, and love the casual and creative athmosphere in this little port town. All of our collars were made in Lyttelton, but now many are made all over Christchurch by independent seamstresses.

We aim to provide a comfortable and kind recovery aid for pets.

Our mission is to employ and empower women to be able to work flexibly from home, in their own time no matter what their circumstances.



These collars are awesome! Soft, flexible and comfy! Our pets could easily rest and recover wearing them. We've had them for our cats and dog when they were spayed and neutered. Also for our cat who got hit by a car and injured her lungs and badly cut her leg. These are a really great product. Thanks CoolCollars.


My cat recently spent a few nights in hospital needing fluids. After pulling out her own IV catheter on the first night I brought in her cool collar which stopped it happening again and she wasn't at all bothered to have it on (especially compared to the plastic e-collar she had on in the meantime!). 100% recommend cool collars for comfort (and a stylish fashion accessory ).


Our dog needed to wear a collar and our vet offered us a Cool Collar, which was such a revelation after the hard, plastic cones. Annie is happy to wear it and it doesn’t bang and scrape into furniture, legs, etc. Love it!

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Email: coolprdts@hotmail.com

Phone: 021 022 95131

We are on Facebook & Instagram as @CoolCollars Lyttelton.