Do you Sell Internationally? 

Currently we sell in just Australia and New Zealand.

Australia: http://www.shopforyourcharity.co.nz

New Zealand: http://www.coolcollars.co.nz




Can CoolCollars be Washed and Re-Used? 

Yes, you can gentle hand-wash in warm water, then lay flat to dry. CoolCollars can be ironed on a low-heat setting. However, please keep in mind that they will get softer with washing.

Do you make Larger Sizes? 

No sorry, we only make cat and small breed dog sizes and are not planning on going larger at this stage.

Do you sell Wholesale to Veterinary Clinics: 

Yes, just email us at coolprdts@hotmail.com and we can set up wholesale orders for your vet clinics in New Zealand.